Friends of the Community

Our organisation is a not for profit group and our personnel is made up of all Volunteers, there are no paid workers.  We attend events mostly on the weekend, run by the city of Cockburn, as well as Bunning’s and Furniture Bazaar in south Central Cockburn.  We have a small food van which sells sandwiches, tea & coffee, ice creams and cool drinks but our main income earner is running sausage sizzles.


Our profits are all returned to the community through Aged, Disabled and Disadvantaged.  Presently we are concentrating on supplying equipment to children with disabilities who come from low income families.  There is no Government assistance available for most of this equipment.


We currently need Volunteers to assist us with operating either the barbecue outlet or the food van.  People working in the food van will be making tea & coffee, sandwiches and handling money.  People working in the barbecue tent will either be cooking sausages and hamburgers or serving the food.  There is no experience required for any of these jobs, we will train all personnel, free food safe training is also available to all of our Volunteers and we prefer that most attend this training.  The quality of our food is very high and we expect nothing less, the cooperation we have with health services is very good and we wish to keep it that way, to maintain our excellent reputation.


If you think you have what it takes to work with us to help those less fortunate than ourselves, please contact:  

President; Norm Dale 0428 342 051 Email

Secretary; Serena Anderson 0418 928 526 Email