Aubin Grove Community Association

 About CAG

More about CAG and what we stand for

The Community of Aubin Grove (CAG) is the resident and business association for those living and working in the beautiful suburb of Aubin Grove. The Community of Aubin Grove is a new 2015 association intended to promote neighbourhood communication, unity and cooperation; and thereby to represent the local needs of its residents and businesses to local council, state and federal governments.


Our Vision 
To be the most desirable southern suburb of Perth in which to reside. 


Our Mission/ Purpose
To work together as an innovative community; to develop a strong sense of belonging; and to promote pride in our neighbourhood.


Our Values 
Respect- recognise, collaborate with and respond to the diverse nature and needs of citizens who live in, operate or contemplate running business enterprises within our suburb

Courage- stand up for what we believe in, even when facing adversity, while working to overcome challenges

Research- exploring our potential to provide credible commentary based on properly informed research

Innovate- thinking outside the box to produce sustainable solutions and community projects

Engage- encouraging all Aubin Grove citizens to be actively involved in and contribute to the prosperity of our suburb