Cockburn Toy Library

 Saturday Roster

Cockburn Toy Library Roster

On every Saturday morning that the Cockburn Toy Library is open, you will find one Committee Member and one Toy Library Member on duty as part of their volunteer roster obligations. The opening hours covered by this roster is from 9.30am until 11.30 am.


Rosters are necessary for the Cockburn Toy Library to function, and each member is required to attend two rosters per year. Members may choose their roster date from the desk calendar or they will be allocated a date for them or for a family member by the committee. Members will be notified of this date. 


Failure to report to Saturday duty without contacting the Chair or Roster person will result in a 1 month suspension from the Cockburn Toy Library.  


Members are responsible for organising a swap if they are unable to attend. If necessary, please notify Lynne  (Chair: 0402 243 553).